Northwest Youth Corps established the OutDoor High School in 1997. This alternative secondary school is fully accredited by The Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities since 2003, which allows it to grant nationally recognized credits, diplomas and transcripts.

The OutDoor High School ('OutDoor School' or ODS) offers a combination of hands-on learning, conservation work, applied science, and academics. Operating during the school year, the OutDoor School follows a nonresidential high school format, but also includes overnight camping, smaller class sizes and an emphasis on mentoring. ODS creates a positive educational experience for students, made possible in part by AmeriCorps funded team leaders.

The OutDoor School prepares youth for the workplace by emphasizing basic skills and career readiness, while providing a solid academic foundation for students interested in pursuing a college education. An innovative curriculum connects field study with math, science, language arts and social studies. Students apply what they learn, and work as members of a team to complete projects such as building trails, planting trees, restoring wetlands and streams, improving parks and completing classroom projects.

ODS earn a traditional high school diploma, requiring 24 credits, and can earn up to 8 credits per school year. Due to the daily nature of the ODS programs, youth need to live in Lane County to participate and provide their own transportation to and from school.

ODS operates in partnership with local school districts including Eugene, Springfield, Bethel, Creswell, Crow, Fern Ridge, Junction City, Marcola, Central Linn, McKenzie, Pleasant Hill and South Lane. The support of local project sponsors through paid work projects, also allows us to offer learning opportunities and support ODS operations.




Thank you to all who contribute to the OutDoor High School. Support by the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps and its Community Stewardship Corps (CSC) program helps ODS students gain valuable education, employment and leadership skills while learning about the environment through classroom and field-based learning.  To learn more about OYCC, visit

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